What CEOs From Our Companies Say

“That was fast, Dan! Thanks for acting so fast on the ask in the investor update!!!”

Matt Lafferty

CEO of Curri

“SBVP is the most valuable investor from day 1! You guys are awesome! This help is priceless.”

Dmitry Dontov

CEO of Spin AI

Thanks for all of the intros, Dan. You guys are living up to your promise.

Doktor Gurson

CEO and Co-Founder - Rad AI

Thanks for working so hard for us from the minute you invested.”

Thompson Aderinkomi

CEO and Co-Founder - Nice Healthcare

“You fulfilled the most important role of an investor which is to help the founder not give up or lose hope when things are at their darkest…

Thompson Aderinkomi

CEO and Co-Founder - Nice Healthcare

Legacy investment testimonials 

“I have worked with Dan for more than four years, and he has been a tremendous resource to us.  As a Board Observer, Dan has helped the team think through some of our most difficult challenges.  Dan is always supportive; his comments are thoughtful and focused.  He has been generous with leveraging his extensive industry network on our behalf, including introducing us to some of our most key investors. He began as an investor but nowadays I consider him a personal friend.”

Lance Ullom

CEO - Blue Triangle

“Dan has been an investor in Repurpose for the past couple of years. In that time he’s brought incredible value to our company — both as a trusted advisor/mentor and a very resourceful connector. Dan’s background in e-commerce has been extremely helpful for us — he’s made introductions to several vendors and advisors in the space that we’ve been working with and have found to be excellent. He’s also made introductions to investors which have been very helpful as well.”

Lauren Gropper

CEO - Repurpose

“Dan brought value that helped Mobile1st not only reinvent itself but achieve positive EBITDA within 20 months. He provided sound guidance (active and responsive) to help me evaluate talent, effectively approach investors, determine the most valuable client prospects, and solidify our committed business plan. Second, his calm demeanor helped provide space for my ideas to be heard/considered, but also to share his suggestions and recommendations genuinely and without being obtrusive. Dan has been one of our biggest champions, sharing his network (when and where most relevant) to bring clients and partnerships to Mobile1st. Clients such as Pura Vida and Repurpose came from Dan’s relationships, as well as partnerships with Blue Triangle, Sum Digital, Buttered Toast, as well as several others.”

Jonathan Silverstein

CEO - Mobile1st

“As one of our initial seed investors, Dan has been an invaluable advisor, connector, and strategist over the years. He is the epitome of a “value-add” investor, one with valuable expertise in customer acquisition that helps accelerate revenue growth.”

Andrew Schydlowsky

CEO - TrackStreet