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A genuine investment partner with deep expertise in customer acquisition and marketing

Customer Acquisition is Our Specialty

Our companies can uniquely leverage the SBVP network of seasoned customer acquisition & marketing experts who work with them to maximize revenue in every marketing channel.

Pre-SBVP Investments


Dan Engel

Dan Engel

Founder & Managing Partner

Mike Tucker

Mike Tucker

Venture Partner

Sarah Stark

Sarah Stark

Venture Capital Fund Operations

What CEOs From Our Past Investments Say

“Dan has been an investor in Repurpose for the past couple of years. In that time he’s brought incredible value to our company — both as a trusted advisor/mentor and a very resourceful connector. Dan’s background in e-commerce has been extremely helpful for us — he’s made introductions to several vendors and advisors in the space that we’ve been working with and have found to be excellent. He’s also made introductions to investors which have been very helpful as well.”

Lauren Gropper

CEO - Repurpose

“As one of our initial seed investors, Dan has been an invaluable advisor, connector, and strategist over the years. He is the epitome of a “value-add” investor, one with valuable expertise in customer acquisition that helps accelerate revenue growth.”

Andrew Schydlowsky

CEO - Trackstreet