Gain Marketing Advantage

Beyond just providing funding, guidance, and introductions, we help accelerate revenue growth

Customer Acquisition is Our Specialty

Leverage the SBVP network of seasoned customer acquisition & marketing experts who work with our companies to maximize revenue in every marketing channel.

Serial Entrepreneurship Expertise

Leveraging our operating experience in building, marketing, and exiting technology companies

A Genuine Partner

We are active, supportive investors who genuinely care about the people we work with. We have a relaxed, open, and honest working style, and we want our portfolio company leaders to truly enjoy the experience of building their company.

SBVP’s B2B/B2C Revenue Growth Expertise

These sales & marketing channels are essential for companies to master as they seek to maximize their revenue growth. We have significant experience in these areas. Our portfolio companies get to leverage that marketing expertise combined with gaining access to the network of outside marketing experts our investment team has built over the last 20+ years who specialize in succeeding in each of these revenue growth opportunities.

Chart showing the components of the Customer Acquisition Network.

Advisors To Our Portfolio Companies

Our investors and advisors assist SBVP’s portfolio companies in accelerating their revenue growth through customer acquisition, marketing, and business development help. These are some of them.

Sarah Stark Headshot

David Beaza

CEO of Buttered Toast, formerly led demand generation at Citrix Online ($600M+ SaaS revenue)

20 years of experience in leading go-to-market strategy with expertise in marketing strategy development, persona development, positioning, messaging, content strategy and development, media buying, lead generation and growth marketing.

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Jill Byron

Formerly VP Marketing at CBS Interactive and SVP Marketing at Adyen

20 years of marketing experience in brand and persona development, tradeshows and experiential, outdoor/TV/radio, mobile, video, ad media planning and price negotiations, agency relationship management.

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Scott Coleman

Head of Global Growth, International, and Product Marketing at Pinterest, formerly Head of Partnerships at Google.

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Chris Gannett

President of Earbuds, Former CMO at American Idol, ex-Sony executive

25 years of experience in brand strategy, brand marketing, and ownership, development and commercial utilization of globally recognized premium content.


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Michael Guarnieri

CEO of Nu Media Mix, a podcast/radio advertising agency that works with clients such as Atlassian, GoToMeeting, RingCentral, and Barracuda Networks.

17 years of experience in podcast and radio advertising for tech companies.

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Bob Kraut

Formerly Chief Marketing Officer of Papa John’s, Marketing Executive at General Motors, Captain D’s, Pizza Hut, and Arby’s.

25 years of experience in global brand marketing, strategic planning, TV/print advertising, and loyalty/promotion marketing.

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Jacqueline Kurdziel

15 years of experience in B2B content development/strategy as well as sales enablement for SaaS companies and large brands like AB-InBev, Dow Jones, JP Morgan Chase, JC Penney, Northwestern Mutual, etc.

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Roberto Milk

CEO of Novica

21 years of experience in B2C e-commerce, online marketplaces, Amazon sales optimization, and social impact entrepreneurship.

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Mike Pugh

Formerly VP, Marketing at J2 Global and VP, SMB at RingCentral

24 years of experience in marketing, including handling P&L, M&A integration, branding/advertising, freemium, pricing, retention, and budgeting for SaaS companies with $300M-$1B in revenue.

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George Schweitzer

Formerly Chief Marketing Officer at CBS for three decades, George is best known for leading the transformation of CBS into America’s Most Watched Network. He led the promotional strategies for some of TV’s biggest entertainment, news, and sports franchises.

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Jonathan Silverstein

CEO of Mobile1st 

Jonathan leads a team of seasoned site optimization experts that drastically improve brands’ online user experience and conversion rates, executing on 10x ROI opportunities discovered via analytics, research, experimentation and front end development.

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Lindsay Stevens

12 years of experience in public relations and obtaining media placements. 


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Dan Sweeney

Head of Affiliate at Groupon

16 years of affiliate marketing management for Commission Junction’s largest publishers and advertisers.

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Jeff Tishgart

Global Head of Alliances at SailPoint & Dynatrace 

12 years of experience in strategic alliances and business development in the software industry.

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Terry Whalen

CEO of Sum Digital

22 years of experience in customer acquisition with expertise in optimizing and scaling Facebook, Google, and Snapchat ad campaigns. 

B2B Sales

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Michael Schaeman

Formerly Head of Global Sales at Apeel Sciences and CRO/SVP Sales at 4 SaaS companies and


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Rusty Reed

Formerly CFO & CSO at Procore (a $12B SaaS company) and Finance Executive at ValueClick/ Commission Junction with $1B in financial transaction experience.