Founder & Managing Partner

Dan engel

Career Highlights

  • Led Customer Acquisition at FastSpring, Google, Picasa, GoToMyPC/GoToMeeting
  • Dan’s personal investment into his start-up, FastSpring, grew from $10,000 into $9 million
  • Dan’s seed stage investment into Apeel Sciences has seen the company’s valuation grow from <$5 million into over $1 billion in six years
  • Built a fintech SaaS company (FastSpring) that grew during the Great Recession at a compound growth rate of over 10% per month for over three years and had an annual churn rate of 1.3% across 3,000+ software clients. 
  • Utilizing only $30,000 in total lifetime funding, Dan built the software company FastSpring into the 14th fastest-growing company in North America for the years 2006-2010, leading to an acquisition by Accel-KKR in 2018 of over $100 million
  • Dan was hired in 2004 to lead online customer acquisition at Google, where he acquired clients for AdWords and AdSense, Google’s primary revenue generating products
  • Dan led revenue generation for both GoToMyPC/GoToMeeting and Picasa, software products that grew from inception into being major technology brands (Citrix’s GoToMeeting unit sold for $1.8 billion; Picasa was acquired by Google and became Google Photos)
  • Dan was hired at 24 to be an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Idealab, the leading tech incubator of the .com era, where his role was to build companies from inception through IPO

“Dan is one of the most talented and wily entrepreneurs with whom I have ever worked.”

John Greathouse
Partner, Rincon Venture Partners